Church of the Brethren
Illinois & Wisconsin District

Kevin Kessler, District Executive
Stan Rodabaugh, Moderator
Dana McNeil, Moderator-elect
Beth Carpentier, Administrative Assistant
Gil Crosby, Newsletter Editor
Debbie Noffsinger, Newsletter Publisher


  • From the Moderator - Stan Rodabaugh
    Before you read the following message I would like to give everyone coming to District Conference in November an assignment. I am asking you to read the book Joy Starts Here, by E. James Wilder, Edward M. Khouri, Chris M. Coursey and Sheila D. Sutton. Reading this book will prepare us for the message Charlotte Lehman will bring Friday evening during our worship service. It will help us be on board with understanding the theme for conference "Abide in the Vine/Abide in My Love". It will also help each person understand some of the exercises I will be asking us to do during the business session. I encourage you not to read one chapter and stop. Read the entire book and give it time. Pray about the ideas and direction the book suggests and be open to thinking about your relationships in some new ways. I believe this will give us a basis for some significant conversation and dialogue. I ask you to please give it a chance. You can simply Google Joy Starts Here/the transformation zone to find places to order the book, or you can call Shepherd's House, Inc. at 626-794-3670. You should not have to pay more than $24.95, plus postage. I think you will find it to be a good investment. I ask you to please take this request seriously. Thank you. [more...]
  • August Events
    1-3 - Men's Camp, Camp Emmanuel
    2 - District Leadership Team Meeting
    6 - IL Conf. of Churches LT Meet, Champaign
    8-10 - Women's Camp, Camp Emmaus
    15-17 - Camp Emmaus Time Capsule Weekend
    29-September 1 - Family Camp, Camp Emmanuel
    29-September 1 - Family Camp, Camp Emmaus
  • Camp Emmanuel Schedule for 2014
    Youth Camp - June 8-14, 2014
    Junior High Camp - June 15-21, 2014
    Junior Camp - June 22-28, 2014
    Pre-Junior Camp - June 26-28, 2014
    National Youth Conference - July 19-24
    Mens' Camp - August 1-3, 2014
    Family Camp - August 29 - September 1, 2014
    10th Annual Fish Fry - September 20, 2014
    Camp Closing - October 25, 2014
  • Camp Emmaus Schedule for 2014
    July 6-12 - Senior High Camp
    July 13-16 - Elementary II Camp
    July 16-18 - Adventure Camp
    July 17-19 - Counselor-in-Training Event
    July 18-19 - Elementary I
    July 19-24 - National Youth Conference
    July 20-25 - Elementary III Camp
    July 27-August 2 - Junior High Camp
    August 8-10 - Women's Camp
    August 15-17 - Time Capsule Weekend
    Aug 29 - September 1 - Labor Day Family Camp
  • September Events
    1 - Labor Day
    7 - Grandparent's Day
    8 - District Executive Sabbatical Ends
    20 - 10th Annual Fish Fry, Camp Emmanuel
    21 - Bethany Sunday
    21 - International Day of Peace
    21 - Mission Offering Emphasis
    22 - First Day of Autumn
  • Peace Day - September 21
    2014 Theme: "Visions and Dreams of Building Peace" "Your young people will see visions, and your elders will dream dreams." --Joel 2:28 | Acts 2:17

    Church of the Brethren congregations are invited to include special prayers for peace as part of Sunday services, September 21. Will you join all those around the world whose hearts are broken and lives are shattered by violence, by praying and acting for peace that day? September 21 can be a time for your congregation to lift up your concerns about violence and brokenness, and to ask God for a vision about how you can respond. Some congregations also plan public events or prayer services to connect with the broader community. You can find stories from previous Peace Day events, along with online registration, prayer resources, half-page activity sheets, children's peace mural kits, and more, online here: Contact campaign staff with questions or ideas:

    Matt Guynn
    Director of Nonviolent Social Change
    On Earth Peace
    E-mail: Skype: matt.guynn
    Twitter: @OEPNonviolence Tel: 503-465-4557
    Mail: 12727 SE Market St, Portland, OR 97233 USA

  • October Events
    Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    4 - Ministerial Leadership Dev. Team - Peru
    5 - World Communion Sunday
    6 - Child Health Day
    11 - District Leadership Team Meeting
    12 - Laity Sunday
    14-16 - Interim Ministers Trng. - Camp Mack, IN
    16 - World Food Day
    16-18 - Midwest DE's Gathering - Camp Mack, IN
    16-24 - Peace with Justice Week
    24 - World Disarmament Day
    25 - Camp Closing, Camp Emmanuel
    26 - Reformation Sunday
  • Guest Speaker List
    There is a Speakers List for the Illinois/Wisconsin District. Persons included in this document have accepted the invitation to be available to preach during worship services or for other special events as indicated. Hopefully you will find this tool useful and valuable when the need arises for inviting a guest speaker.

    The speakers on this list are all credentialed ministers, either licensed or ordained. We would like to expand the list to include more credentialed ministers as well as interested laity. If your name is absent from the list and you have interest in serving as a guest speaker, please inform the district office. We would also welcome the names of persons you might suggest for inclusion on the list.

    Since this is a new venture, it is likely we may need to provide more information than is included. Your input as to how the list can be improved would be welcomed.

    Please share with the District Office any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

  • Mission and Mortar
    Sustaining and developing ministry (mission) within congregations, as well as maintaining property (mortar), is sometimes hindered because of inadequate financial resources. The Illinois/Wisconsin District, whose mission is to support the growth and development of member congregations, realizes that this dilemma exists and desires to financially support congregations that are in good standing with the district and have specific needs. Congregations in good standing are those that for the past two years have sent delegates to district conference and have supported the district financially with undesignated gifts of at least $100 per year for the past two years.
  • Information Reporting
    All ordained ministers, licensed ministers, and congregations need to keep the District Office informed of changes in contact information. Changes include: phone number, cell phone number, email address, mailing address, and congregational email or website. Please email Beth Carpentier, or call (309)649-6008 with your updates. Your effort will save valuable staff time trying to track down these changes. Other information to share: changes in key leadership positions at the church or the death or serious illnesses of minister, retired ministers, or spouses. Help us serve better!
  • CEU Credits for Ordained Ministers
    Do not wait to begin to log your Continuing Education Units. The 2015 Five-year Ordination Review process for ALL ordained ministers will launch in 2014. Ordained ministers are required to produce verification of 5 CEU credits for this five-year period. It is your responsibility to secure certificates, letters or verifying documentation regarding CEU credit. Retired clergy are exempt from this requirement with the exception of those retired clergy actively involved in Interim Ministry.

    CEU Notation: The district does not grant CEU credit for personal study and/or self-designed experiences you have had and/or books you have read. It is the minister's responsibility to secure a CEU certificate, Letter of Verification, and/or authentication document for completed training, seminars or workshops, or learning experiences offered by the presenting organization. This verification should always state the number of hours of the training - 10 hours of training equals 1.0 CEU credits. Please take personal initiative to become a life-long learner and increasingly effective minister of the Gospel.

  • Gifts Discernment
    The Gifts Discernment and Call Committee seeks your help. We are commissioned to call active, informed, and committed members of congregations or fellowships from within our District to positions of service. These persons, both pastors and lay members, are to be called from all parts of the District and to represent the diversity among us. Our committee's knowledge of members eligible and capable to serve is limited. Therefore, we make this appeal for assistance.
  • Each congregation in the district has a Liaison Leadership Team member who may be contacted with any questions or concerns about the ministries of our district.
  • Add news, announcements, or your congregation's web site URL to the district site. Email your information to the

  • Please check the District Disaster Response website for disaster relief news.